The residents of The Reserve At Cypress Creek has a private Facebook group.  The group is limited to only RACC residents, and is used to provide general information, alerts about the RACC, list activities that are scheduled for the Reserve, post resident items for sale and importantly, the HOA Board uses the group page for all special announcement and information.   This is a very informative tool for the residents of the Reserve At Cypress Creek.   We recommend that you join the group.


How to become a RACC private group member:

1.     You must be an existing Facebook member  with a login ID

2.     Send a short email to the RACC email system,   saying you are going to want acceptance into the RACC group, include your Facebook name and your real name.

3.     Log into Facebook and you do a Facebook “friend request” to   Larry Fenstad he will accept your “friend request” and then add you to the RACC private group.  When added, he will then “unfriend” you.  This will not affect your status in the RACC group but will unlink you and him from your personal Facebook page.

4.     Within 24 hours you should be added to the group.

5.     To use or view our Facebook group, just do a standard log in to Facebook, look to the left column and you will see “GROUPS” and under this you will see “Reserve At Cypress Creek Group” just click on that link and it take you to the RACC group page.