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Neighborhood committees were established to assist the Board with the operation and maintenance of the community.  Help and assistance on the various committees, by the residents of The Reserve at Cypress Creek, is needed to assure and continue the quality we expect from the Reserve Community.  Take part, help and have fun!

Below you will find a description of the duties for each committee.


Review homeowner requests for additions, improvements or changes to their property, as stated in the Declarations of Covenants, Article VII.  Notify the homeowner as to approval or rejection.  Maintain a record of all changes made to homeowner's property.  Attend monthly Board meetings.
Audit & Budget

Assist the Board by reviewing the annual budget prepared by the Treasurer. Perform an audit of the previous year's financials and publish a report.  Assist the Board on cost analysis of projects.
Landscape & Lake

Inspect common areas for damage such as ruts, broken sprinklers, & dead vegetation.  Make landscaping recommendations to the Board.  Document problems and recommendations on subdivision map.  Review lake area for problems or improvements and document.  Arrange to have workdays as needed.  Attend monthly Board meetings.
Newsletter & Communications

Publish a monthly Reserved for You newsletter to keep residents informed of things going on in the community and surrounding areas.   Setup guidelines for a phone directory and a timeline for keeping it updated.   Attend monthly meetings for planning and drafting upcoming newsletter.  Sell ads to businesses in the area and to residents who wish to advertise.  Solicit, review, and approve articles submitted by residents.

Review the pool area for defects, improvements, needed repairs and cleanliness.  Maintain an inventory of purchased equipment and look for missing or broken items. Document problems and improvements.  Set up procedures to compare our contract to the work done by the maintenance contractor.  Establish pool rules and observe that they are being followed.  Set up procedures for pool parties.  Attend monthly Board meetings.
Security & Gate
Monitor and maintain perimeter fencing that surrounds the Reserve.  Maintain the front gates and pool gate.  Assign transmitters, codes & e-cards to residents.  Open and monitor gates during power outages.
Social & Welcome

Setting up events for the Reserve such as Easter Egg Hunt, Garage Sale and others.  Prepare budgets for each event and submit to the Board for approval.  Establish a procedure for welcoming new residents to the Reserve.  Attend monthly Board meetings.

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